Launching a challenge with I4G gives you access to our global community of innovative I4G teams as well as Members and partners from the public, private, nonprofit, and academic sectors. Our community will support your challenge from the beginning to the end.

To launch your own challenge with I4G, follow the steps below:


Signup with I4G as an "Enabler" and wait for your profile to be verified by our admin team. Once your enabler profile has been verified and approved, you will be notified whereby you will gain access to all features inside I4G.


After signing in to I4G, go to Event Manager > 'My Challenges' and click on New Challenge to create your challenge.

Fill in all the details correctly. Ensure to add atleast one level of evaluation or scoring level for your challenge. Make your payment to submit your challenge for approval by our admin.


Once your challenge is verified and approved, you will be notified. Now create your application form by going to Questionnaire underneath your challenges listing to add your questions.

Now you can publish your challenge and enable startups to apply to your challenge by going to Update Status in the dropdown menu of your challenge and then changing the status of your challenge to 'Published'.

Use the Notify Community feature to notify all users on the platform about your challenge.


You can add a judge to evaluate a pitch under your challenge by going to Event Manager > 'My Challenges' and click Pitches under your respective challenge.

This will redirect you to the list of pitches submitted under your challenge by applicants. To assign a judge, go to the respective pitch and click the Add Judge Option.

You can either add a judge from our list of existing judges on the platform or invite a judge via email to evaluate a pitch. The judges will gain access to their assigned pitches from their Judges Console for evaluation.

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