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At I4G, we connect you with our global community of innovative teams, members, and partners from public, private, non-profit, and academic sectors. Together, we'll support your challenge from start to finish.

How to Launch Your Challenge?

1. Signup as an "Enabler" and get verified by our admin team.

2. Create your challenge in the Event Manager > My Challenges section.

3. Fill in details accurately, include evaluation criteria, and make the Payment.

4. After approval, create an engaging application form in the Questionnaire section.

5. Publish your challenge, update the status to 'Published,' and notify the community.

6. Evaluate pitches by assigning judges in the Event Manager > My Challenges > Pitches section.

Why Choose I4G?

  Access to a global community of innovators.

  Support from beginning to end.

  Simple signup and verification process.

  User-friendly challenge creation.

  Easy application form setup.

  Effortless challenge publication and community notification.

  Convenient pitch evaluation with assigned judges.

Let I4G empower your challenge journey! Start now and make a lasting impact.
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