Gaming Bike: Virtual Reality Indoor Gaming Console For Universal Games Verified by I4G

Biotech Team | Startup | Healthcare and Mental Health


The problem with exercise bikes is that they are Boring. It's hard to get motivated to do something so insanely boring. But many can play immersive computer games for hours without getting bored. Video games lead to health issues since it does not need any physical activities. Most of the kids spend too much time on video games without involving in any other physical games like football, cricket, etc. Since video games are now irreplaceable among the present generation, bringing physical activity to them, is important for preserving the health of our coming generations. The obvious solution: Combining a video game(universal game) with physical exercise(cycling) provides physical exercise and entertainment. The Hardware system connected with the cycle offers the game controls. When the player pedals the cycle, a signal is passed to Arduino according to the number of rotations of the wheel, which helps to control the speed and motion of an object in the video game. A potentiometer is implemented which helps to identify the direction of motion, a brake is also implemented for stopping the motion of the object. All these signals are fed into Arduino. Arduino is coded in such a way that helps to control the virtual position of the cycle in the video game. User can decide which game wants to play. Arduino is coded in such a way that it acts as a keyboard, so the system is capable of handling any game. The health app is also implemented. Provides daily workout plan. Helps to motivate a person by showing his/her exercise status. Provides information like Calories burned, Speed, Distance, and many more. Helps to improve fitness day by day. The project that we develop can be equipped with any cycle and any universal game and this cycle offer the controls for the video game. The system helps us to lose fat and burn calories to achieve our weight loss goals. It improves mental and physical health. We can use 365 days without any weather issues. Best way to keep entertained at home during covid-19.Effective for all age groups. Fewer maintenance costs can be implemented in an old cycle. We can use the same cycle as an indoor one and an outdoor one. Can be applied to all games. Physical exercise + Entertainment. So our project is “GAMING BIKE”.

Team/Employees:  4 | Growth Stage:  Prototype