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Primarily this equipment has developed for bundling the saplings and pineapple leaves. Low maintenance is the main peculiarity of this machine. It can be accessed by anyone without much technical knowledge. Due to its compact size and reduced weight, it can be easily carried out. The main need of this machine is for bundling purposes. The usual storing of pineapple saplings can only store a minimum amount, by using this machine we can accumulate more pineapple bundles than the ordinary systems. This is the reason behind introducing this bundling machine. The base of the equipment is placed on the floor. One end of the belt is fixed on the vertical structure of the machine, the other end is kept open and stretched-out through the bundling zone. Saplings will be placed over the belt. Then the open end of the belt is wind over the saplings and kept locked in the drum. A simple locking system is attached at the open end of the belt. The rotating handle is connected to the drum through a chain drive. Handle can be used to rotate the drum, which will wind the saplings tightly. After reaching the required tightness, the rotating handle will be locked. Bundle will be manually tied-up with a coir. Then the handle lock has to be released and then unwind the handle. Remove the open end of the belt from the drum. Bundled saplings can be removed from the machine and sent for transportation.

Team/Employees:  4 | Growth Stage:  Prototype