FRA - Fostering Responsible Actions Verified by I4G

Information Technology Team | Startup | IoT Technologies


144 million tonnes of single-use plastic are produced yearly and a typical UAE resident uses 450 plastic water bottles on an average in a single year, meaning that more than 3 billion plastic water bottles are produced every year in the UAE. Additionally, only 9% of plastic is recycled, since the cost of recycling it is higher than producing it from scratch. Finding alternatives to tackle this issue and to increase the circularity of the plastic used in water consumption is crucial. FRA's vision is to foster responsible communities that are aware of the need to decrease single-use plastic production by changing current behavior patterns towards more responsible and sustainable daily water consumption. With the creation of a smart water dispenser, FRA aims to incentivize households to decrease their consumption of single-use plastic bottles. The FRA smart water dispenser aims to create an interconnected system that will enable households to better manage their water expenses, their daily water intake (per individual), and their environmental impact, acting as an incentive to consume water from the dispenser. With the presence of an IoT sensor, households will not have to worry about ordering their gallons of water, as they will be automatically ordered when needed, according to their pre-defined availability.

Team/Employees:  5 | Growth Stage:  Concept