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Waste Management Private Limited | Startup | Circular Economy  in Sustainability


RECYCGLOBE is the first Greek company which supplies private or municipal companies activated in collecting and treating waste (liquids and solids) with a innovative software and hardware tools DEDICATED TO IMPROVING WASTE & RECYCLING MANAGEMENT We has developed the first online waste management platform that connects directly raw material providers with waste collectors (Private Companies-Municipalities). At the same time we design, develop and manufacture various types of sensors either for collection bins either for peripheral machines or vehicles which are involved in the process of collection and processing of waste and recyclable materials. The entire range of IoT tools are designed so that they can be easily connected to the existing collection and processing equipment available to MUNICIPALITIES and private companies, and sends real-time various types of data to the online waste management platform. Recycglobe is an holistic waste management system that drastically reduces the operation cost of waste management , because with minimum cost , ensure targeted collection of clean and segregated materials at source and enable the estimation of the volume and value of any kind of material . The systematic use of all our tools in combination with the historical data that we hold in our server, makes the system a key decision-making tool.

Team/Employees:  6 | Growth Stage:  Growth